About Us

TAM GUVENLIK serve as our understanding , our experienced engineers receive the best quality products with the support of the solution , with the best condition and to provide the best service . Therefore, all our services unit , which can better meet users' needs and to respond to these needs have been shaped according to one embodiment .

Work to the staff , to the world and open to development , providing exclusive and peaceful working environment , relationships based on mutual trust and respect, to establish what we aşılamakt our corporate culture . Technology is the basis of the age of knowledge is the main source of human consciousness , our world-class destination , We are pleased to work with our staff to achieve interoperability .

Our technical team ; engineers, technicians , and technicians responsible for the installation consists of .

Our expert consultants , system will be installed free discovery space does exist in the risk analysis . Based on the results of risk assessment ; space , depending on the intensity you need and needs special security package is prepared project . Is submitted with the offer .

Our technical team at a time that suits you , Performs hardware installation and programming ; systems are commissioned .

System before delivery , users are given practical training . Thus , the system in a way guaranteed , are delivered ready .

System after the delivery of our service continues indefinitely . Our team of experts as well as the continuation of periodic maintenance services , technical problem is when faced with immediate treatment .

Send us your request , problems are brought to authorities without delay . Tam Güvenlik staff from the technical support and consulting services , 365 days / 24 hours , free of